Monday, March 23, 2009


Bird talk:this is about ,birds of same feather flock together.

The sky is dark with birds flocking back to the city for leadership struggle.The battle of the most powerful birds.The competition would be cruel and fierce.A small mistake will end up a bird clawed to death.The killing among them had begun.There is no option for failure.Some of the most aggressive and the blackest been hung to death.The battle of birds goes on.The bird watcher was waiting for an answer ...whats the commotion about....It seems the birds of the darker feather is controlling...most of the end it would be the battle of birds of the same feather.

The bird watcher didn't wait to see the end of the birds drama cause the children are waiting for nasi lemak.He knows the winners would be birds of same feather too and for sure would flock back together...and he remembers some people says.... money grows on trees,may be the struggle of these birds is to control this money trees.

Back home there is this kampong bird ...flying 500 trees a day looking for this fluid(called latex)....just to feed his hungry chicks at is hard sometimes..

As always the winner takes all. There is no big deal....after all its just birds story from the imagination of a bird watcher.

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