Wednesday, March 4, 2009


morning talk...on the way trafic light for sch boy crossing turns red..I stoped..2 sch. boys crossed to sch...there one car the opposite..the rd. was more sch boys crossing.The light still a glance of the rear mirror I saw the other car s still waiting...Iwas wondering why he waits when theres nothing except 4 the trafic light...well u had come accross situation like this too.(.rules vs common

From Bangsar 2 KL I got 2 take taxi ( not staying in Bangsar,got some work there).A taxi at the gas station willing 2 go 2 K.L.Indian driver.As usual taxi driver heard most hot gossip in KL.may it be politics or whatever..this is TAXI TALK, he went on talking about his family n children...may be its ok 2 release family disappointment 2 a complete stanger.

"Sekarang mau jaga anak banyak susah..pompuan lagi susah. u tau saya hari2 kerja bawa taxi cari duit kasi diaorg sekolah..sekarang sudah pandai apa cakap pun x mau dengar.Itu anak saya pompuan punya..sekolah sudah banyak tinggi tapi sekarang tak buat kerja..hari2 kira cinta saja.Saya pun pening oo tak tau apa mau buat.Saya cakap kalau mau cinta pun x pa tapi carila laki yang pandai..ada kerja.Itu hari dia bawa balik itu budak,saya tengok pun tarak suka la..apa pun x tau,mau spelling apa pun x tau."

To seperate them he send his daughter 2 unties house but doesnt solf the problem but create more problem quarreling with the seems his problem does not end easy.

He droped me at Jln. Embi...n ask how much..he said RM50,I told him from Shah Alam to KL only RM30...the end I got to pay all the same.

In my mind I said you KIRA DUIT SAJA....

Taxi in KL I would always prefer chinese taxi driver..less hassle, cheaper as they always use meter nusully more honest.

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