Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Wayback..many years a hause mate got an invitation from his cewek 2 attn open house at kolej tunku kursiah...need no imtro. i think.its where brain n beauty merge.We ...8 of us take opportunity 2 tag along...wow what a day to b...must be a happy...there were flashes of colors aa over...music playing loud, party,carnival,hapening habis..(those days of kos when LULU reigned the chart)

Like allways what goes up must come down...fun s over n back to routin...the lectures of course...those girls we visited came 4a retun visit ...our house in jln gasing pj.

Can imagine house with 12 bechlrs staying...what a mess...while they wer in, this happy g lucky guy came out from his room clad in KAIN PELIKAT n without shirt too...n join in.Well what to do... Msia is a democratic country with parliament.

One week later we received a p card from Seremban asking"....by the way how is our PELIKAT MAN?

Today he attends internationl seminars n speaks n share opinions in high level forums...entrusted by many in respectble coporation n organisation...the same friendly old friend but already carrying title Dato'.Tahniah Yg. Berbahgia Dato' Mat..THE PELIKAT MAN may ALLAH bless u always

Kain pelikat remains popular among us...am wearing it all the time..esp. made in India,its cotton n confertable.Keep wearing who knows u can be the 2nd succesful PELIKAT MAN.

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