Thursday, March 26, 2009


From my last visit to the bank I can scent this air of uncertainty in the monetary institutions, as regards to measures in minimizing their risks against the invasion of the global recession esp. the foreign banks. Some of course had declared their losses and undergoing the process of bailing out by their respective governments and some are still waiting, but for sure there will be no escape from this global financial phenomena.The bulks of problems now would of course be born by the American and western banks as the recession started there,and the impacts on Asian institution will be very much determined by the volume of their business dependence on them.But for sure in the end there will be a scape goat who will take most of these burden.Would it be Asia or Latin it is now there is no certainty.All financial institutions seemed to be looking for avenues of self fending.As everyone knows banking operation is working on trust and confidence, may be all these meetings are behind locked doors . But as logic goes, not all are loosing money...there are opportunists who are making money, lots of money.These money makers should be expected from the very rich.At times like this sentiments will speak louder than fundamentals.

Its also difficult time for the financial analysts.Its difficult either to believe or not to believe the financial charts that go very volatile.The fast appreciating value of certain currency can a manipulation or traps.The currency market remains very much uncertain.

For investors, may be it is wiser to wait and see.

Me...neither economist nor financial analyst. Just observer from a street window.

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