Saturday, March 14, 2009

ULAR DANU (rainbow,a photo taken at highway)

In Kedah we call this rainbow ular danu.Folk tale is this danu snake came down to drink water at the well at the other side of the hill.What was told in school its form when sun shines on the rain falling on other side.Its very COLOURFUL.Thinking of it ,life sometimes like ular danu too.

Like today am yellow,feeling SICKLY, I would 2 go 2 pharmacy 2 buy some vitamin e, because am having gout...if you got same problem u can try vit. e.

If u r blue...may be u can take r partner out 2 night.

If u r red ..may be u can go 2 Genting u can get lucky...who knows.

But PLEASE dont let your ular danu be BLACK....thats the end of u

Chou...take care of your danu. WHATS YOUR COLOUR TO DAY HA...

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