Thursday, March 5, 2009


kopi talk..politicion n statemen are busy attending meetings..fighting the financial crisis.Are they busy meeting or busy fending the crisis. Down here we the commoners may be doesn't have the time 2 think about it...whats on our mind is what our children will eat tomorrow.Life s always hard whether there be crisis or crisis is lifelong.

Among investers n bussiness men...they r the first to feel the crisis n busy finding ways n means 2 protect their investments..selling out as fast as they could at the expense of huge incentives n discounts.Time like this cash in hand is the best n there s gold rush too.

Modus operandy is quite the same...we heard british banks start to sell their braches globally..esp. asian region..reducing their operations call back cash.Britsh gov. has taken over bussiness...British gov. is a business men now(how far bussiness can grow if such)

May be what choice we developing countries have when such a massive crisis happen in the forefront....the storm is heading towards us, like it or not.Strong alarm it will hit us alort worse than the crisis before.How worst...its not us to tell cause we are just people "cari makan"busy all the time.

May be now is the beginning of global financial warfair n we are just a bystander watching n waiting...nothing much we can do of significance...may be meeting n forums just"batuk di tangga"may be just another "kopitalk."

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